Namaz Vakitleri – Namaz vakitleri Türkiye Diyanet hesabına göre

Namaz Vakitleri

Namaz vakitleri Türkiye Diyanet hesabına göre

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Namaz Vakitleri uygulaması namaz vakitlerini kullanıcılara sunmayı hedefleyen sade bir android uygulamasıdır. Güncel tüm namaz vakitlerini takip edebilirsiniz. Türkiye, Almanya başta olmak üzere türklerin çok yaşadığı yerlere ilk sırada yer verilmiştir,daha sonra tüm dünya namaz vakitleri eklenmiştir.

2016 Ramazan imsakiyesi, iftar ve imsak saatleri. oruç takvimi. 2016 takvimi olarak da kullanabilirsiniz.Namaz vakitlerinin yanı sıra, oruç tutulan 3 aylar ve mübarek gün ve geceleri ve diğer iftarlarınızı da buradan takip edebilirsiniz.

Ezan vakti
namaz vakitleri ramazan bayramı, kurban bayram vakti

athan times, world prayer times, prayer times for muslim.

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VR Camera,VR CAM – VR Camera,follow your heart.

VR Camera,VR CAM

VR Camera,follow your heart.

VR Camera,VR CAM screenshot 0VR Camera,VR CAM screenshot 1VR Camera,VR CAM screenshot 2VR Camera,VR CAM screenshot 3

This is a VR camera APP which is of high technology ,
wonderful image modes and panoramic functions are supported !
you can hung them under the celling, put on the wall and on desk.
Welcome to download and experience !

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CustomPrint – CustomPrint prints directly through the Bluetooth interface and Wi-Fi.


CustomPrint prints directly through the Bluetooth interface and Wi-Fi.

CustomPrint screenshot 0CustomPrint screenshot 1CustomPrint screenshot 2

Thanks to CustomPrint software it is possible to print directly from the smartphone all the data contained in it, such as calls list, texts, contacts, photos but also web pages, through the Bluetooth interface and Wi-Fi.

Printers Currently supported:

– Mobile applications (MY3, MYPRINTER)
– POS applications (KUBE, KUBE ETHERNET, Q1, Q3, S’Print)
– Kiosk and self-service applications (VKP80II, VKP80II ETHERNET, VKP80III, VK80, TG2460H, TG2480H, TL60, TL80, KPM216H 200 dpi, KPM216H 300 dpi, KPM216H ETH 200 dpi, KPM216H ETH 300 dpi, KPM150H, KPM180H, KPM302H)
– Industrial applications (mPLUS2, PLUS2, PLUS4)

Custom Spa, leader in designing printing systems for receipts, tickets and invoices, develops mobile printers able to meet the specific requirements of any operator or company which needs to print in a reliable and fast way, taking advantage of Internet and Bluetooth.

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Check If Real – CheckIfReal allows to authenticate products with Authentic Vision's unique code

Check If Real

CheckIfReal allows to authenticate products with Authentic Vision’s unique code

Check If Real screenshot 0Check If Real screenshot 1Check If Real screenshot 2Check If Real screenshot 3Check If Real screenshot 4

CheckIfReal enables consumers to authenticate products tagged with the Authentic Vision Unique Label to determine its realness. Check if real stands for secure, simple and smart automatic product authentication without any special knowledge by just using a smartphone.
Checkifreal smoothly guides the user through the simple authentication process. Authentication has never been as easy as with CheckIfReal and Authentic Vision.

How to use:
To scan a code simply open the app and frame the code into the brackets. After that, move the phone while keeping the tag in focus, so that we can capture the hologram from different angles. Checkifreal will automatically recognise the authenticity, and confirm if you have a real or a fake product. Please use the in-app tutorial for additional instructions.

Why use Checkifreal:
• You can make sure the product you want to buy or will be using is authentic and thus safe to use
• Help us fight counterfeiting
• It’s free, there are no costs at all for you (with the acceptance of data usage)

In order to use Checkifreal, your phone will need a camera with autofocus and a working internet connection.
Contact us for help:
Our goal is to make authentication of products easy and accessible for all consumers. By enabling consumers to authenticate products themselves, we want to fight counterfeiting and in that way contribute to a world with better, safer products. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and welcome any feedback from you. If you have questions about the app, or maybe you have an issue with Checkifreal, please do not write a review of the app saying “it didn’t work.”. Instead, please join us in our mission against counterfeiting and send us your remarks at and we’ll do our best to help.

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畫冊 – Easily browse albums


Easily browse albums

畫冊 screenshot 0畫冊 screenshot 1畫冊 screenshot 2畫冊 screenshot 3畫冊 screenshot 4

“Album” provides a convenient user interface to browse the album.

– Supports portrait and landscape browsing (you need to enable automatic screen rotation)

– Adjustable screen brightness

– Support for volume keys PAGE

– Support quick jump page

– Browse by folder album

– Explore ideas (Displays the current number of pages, current time, network type, battery level)

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ANT Tester – Test your device for ANT capabilities

ANT Tester

Test your device for ANT capabilities

ANT Tester screenshot 0ANT Tester screenshot 1

With this application you can check the different ANT capabilities your device supports.
It also offers links to download/uninstall the different ANT packages.

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