Grial UIKit – Build superb Xamarin.Forms apps in a fraction of time!

Grial UIKit

Build superb Xamarin.Forms apps in a fraction of time!

Grial UIKit screenshot 0Grial UIKit screenshot 1Grial UIKit screenshot 2Grial UIKit screenshot 3Grial UIKit screenshot 4

Grial UI Kit provides everything you need to build a good looking Xamarin Forms app. Built under MVVM design pattern, Grial ensures a clean separation between application logic and a carefully designed UI.

Don’t waste precious time compiling just to see small visual changes, we have made all the hard work for you carefully designing more than 30 screens in XAML

Key Features:
– Fully Customizable. Change colors, fonts sizes, take our ready made templates and build something new. Styles have been carefully separated from layout code. Grial has tons of UI examples for you.
– Special care for details. It’s hard to find well designed UI templates. Not anymore :). Grial has been designed with special care for details. We focused on what we do best. So you can focus on what you do best.
– Plenty of snippets. Take whatever you need and use it, as simple as that. Do you need some well designed snippets? We’ve already done this for you. Take whatever you need, build something new.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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