TDAService อ่านบัตรประชาชน – Applications for the card reader Thailand – have an application before the combination with TDA SDK.

TDAService อ่านบัตรประชาชน

Applications for the card reader Thailand – have an application before the combination with TDA SDK.

TDAService อ่านบัตรประชาชน screenshot 0TDAService อ่านบัตรประชาชน screenshot 1TDAService อ่านบัตรประชาชน screenshot 2TDAService อ่านบัตรประชาชน screenshot 3

TDAService Is an embedded application running in the background for use with TDA SDK for reading ID card Thailand.
The TDA Service can not work alone. Must be used in conjunction with an application developed by TDA SDK only.
TDASerive: Service application for Thai national ID card reading, uses for applications developed from TDA SDK .

Please Do not load the application layer. If you do not have an application in the card reader.
The apps will not work. If an application is essentially .

Thai ID Card Development Kit for Android (TDA) is a software development kit in contact with the card reader, smart card. In order to develop an application for mobile Android system can read data from Thailand’s national identity.

Properties .
• Compatible with the card reader, smart card. TDA supports features such TDA301BT, TDA2910R and TDA3310V2.
• Use the Java programming language
• Works with Android 4.0 operating system or higher.

component of the software development kit TDA .
• card reader, smart card 1 (a Bluetooth or a USB depending on model).
• An application TDAService.
• TDA SDK for developing software downloaded from the Internet. Which contain
>>> For example, an application TDASample (file APK) with Source Code for learning how to program simple.
>>> For example, an application TDADemo (file APK) with Source Code for use of TDA learn API and an example of how to write programs that are highly complex.
>>> File for TDA.jar be integrated with the Java programming language used to create applications.
>>> Manual

Properties .
• Read the text of the card. And a photograph of the card holder included 24 items.
• Read the full version of all models, including the latest version of the 2555/2556/2557/2558/2559. (ID card after KN0, JC2, JT0, JT1 And JT2).
• Available with either a USB reader and Bluetooth simultaneously.

is .
• Government, banks, enterprises, hospitals, police and others.
• Private agencies are checking identification before providing such services, entertainment, insurance, direct sales and security.
• Use the Registration, recruitment, receptions, events.

generation ID card reader series products are available .
• TDA301BT (card reader, wireless Bluetooth).
• TDA3310V2 (card reader, a standard size USB).
• TDA2910R (card reader, mini folding USB).
• Contact the card reader from buying a set.

Use TDAService .
• Install TDAService
• installing apps that are deployed.
• Plug the card reader into your phone or activate the Bluetooth signal.
• Activate the card reader from the app’s main function.

Readable passport: Passport Models. 2559 to present

The data read from the card: 24 items, including ID number, title, Thailand, the names Thailand, Middle Thailand, surname Thailand, title, English, British, Middle English, an English number, Moo. , lane, alley, street, Sub – district, district – district, provincial, gender, date of birth, the agency that issued the card, date of issue, expiration date, application number, photo ID card.

Using the operating system: Android 4.0 and up.

advice and precautions .
• Use a Bluetooth reader. Android devices must support the Bluetooth 3.0 or above.
• use a USB reader Android devices will be compatible with OTG.

Detail information and download apk file:


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