Radio Tuning Task – This is NOT a Radio! Mock-up radio interface for user experiments and demos.

Radio Tuning Task

This is NOT a Radio! Mock-up radio interface for user experiments and demos.

Radio Tuning Task screenshot 0Radio Tuning Task screenshot 1Radio Tuning Task screenshot 2Radio Tuning Task screenshot 3

This is NOT a Radio! The mock-up radio interface can be used in user experiments and demos (e.g., driver distarction studies).

For more information:
The open source repository is:

The app/task instructs a random radio band and frequency to tune (e.g., “Tune AM 710kHz”) and simulates a radio with random radio stations.
The task of the test subject is:
1) Switch from CD to radio with the ‘Radio’ button
2) Choose the right band with the ‘Band’ selector
3) Tune to the instructed frequency (”)
The task resembles aspects of the AAM procedure and can be therefore used continuously/endless.

The radio stations buttons (1,2,3,4,5) have no function at the moment. The ‘R’ button is for reset.

Log-files are saved to a folder on the smartphone.

The app can be also controlled via Bluetooth or OTG keyboard.
switch CD/Radio = shift key
switch band = space key
up/down tuning = left/right arrow keys

Our recommendation for hardware is a tablet with at least 6.5”, resolution 800×480 or better and minimum 160dpi. The mounting should be not lower than 30° below normal line of sight.
The button should have a size of about 1.5cm.

If you wonder what are the languages of the simulated radio stations. They are:
American English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, Lower Bavarian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish and Urdu.
The specification of the radio tuning task demands 10 music signals and 10 voice signals. Due to the fact that our institute and university has international staff, students and friends, it was easy to realize the idea that different
languages are included for these speech signals. The sound set does not indicate, that a language included is more important than one not included in the app! It just reflects, who was at the institute when the radio tuning task was implemented.


In the field of driver distraction radio tuning is often seen as a kind of reference. The task was carried out over years and the risk seems socially accepted. The AAM guideline (official title: “Statement of Principles, Criteria and Verification Procedures on Driver Interactions with Advanced In-Vehicle Information and Communication Systems Including 2006 Updated Sections, Driver Focus-Telematics Working Group June 26, 2006? ) even specifies on pp.46 a radio tuning task for driver distraction studies. These kind of reference tasks are sometimes used in laboratory studies, e.g. to get a reference or to compare values between laboratories. Other examples of highly standardized tasks are the Surrogate Reference Task (SuRT) and Critical Tracking Task (CTT) from ISO/TS 14198:2012.

The radio tuning procedure of AAM has the problem that it often has to be adapted to the specific hardware (e.g., radio with a knob for radio tuning instead of buttons). Newer radios sometimes even don’t provide the possibility to switch to the manual radio tuning mode, that is needed for the procedure.

So, this app implements an AAM-like radio tuning (with some modifications) on a mock-up radio interface for Android. At the moment the data basis and evaluations are not sufficient to say, it is a replacement for the original hardware radio. If it is further devoped and tested it maybe can fill the gap between the highly specific and artifical tasks (e.g., SuRT and CTT) and natural tasks (e.g., phone calls). At the moment we typically apply it e.g., when demonstrating or testing eye-tracking or quickly need a secondary task. For teaching, e.g. Lane Change Test (LCT), also smartphone setups work fine.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See MIT license for more details.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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