Jailbreak Library (Jb Library) – An app that helps users to get the necessary software to jailbreak iDevices.

Jailbreak Library (Jb Library)

An app that helps users to get the necessary software to jailbreak iDevices.

Jailbreak Library (Jb Library) screenshot 0Jailbreak Library (Jb Library) screenshot 1Jailbreak Library (Jb Library) screenshot 2Jailbreak Library (Jb Library) screenshot 3Jailbreak Library (Jb Library) screenshot 4Jailbreak Library (Jb Library) screenshot 5Jailbreak Library (Jb Library) screenshot 6

Got both an Android device and Apple device with you?
Always wanted to Jailbreak your iDevice or someone else?
Thinking of which software to use to Jailbreak successfully?
Your answers are finally available for Android users with Apple devices or Android users that jailbreak Apple devices. Jailbreak Library tells jailbreakers the necessary jailbreaking software to jailbreak compatible iDevices. This app only shows the software needed with no tutorials.

-Search for software such as Evasi0n, Pangu, Redsn0w, Seas0npass, Sn0wbreeze, Taig & other software in the Resource Lists.
-Built in Jailbreak Guide in the Guide Section.
-Get latest jailbreak software when available to the public.
-Share the app to friends and family to let know them of getting jailbreak software all in one place and in mobile.
-Free to use.

The Resource Lists section is the place for known jailbreak software or tools ever needed for a successful hack. Each time there is a new jailbreak is available, the jailbreak list will be updated with various information about the release. The information will include name of the software, developer (or Team of Developers), version of app (If available), Operating systems version it supports and devices supported.

Other Information:
Users will only have to install the app itself because the data in the Resource Section is updated manually by the developer (This requires an internet connection for each update). Updates of the jailbreak library data come from Eduardorandom.com.
Getting errors of Library List Error or Data Not Showing?
Give it some time for the following reasons:
Firewall might be blocking website
I’m updating the file with errors (I’ll probably be online during the process)
Filter blocking file download

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/libraries-demo


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