Sensorberg Showcase – Demo app for Sensorbergs Beacon Management Platform

Sensorberg Showcase

Demo app for Sensorbergs Beacon Management Platform

Sensorberg Showcase screenshot 0Sensorberg Showcase screenshot 1Sensorberg Showcase screenshot 2Sensorberg Showcase screenshot 3Sensorberg Showcase screenshot 4Sensorberg Showcase screenshot 5

Sensorberg Showcase for Android enables you to receive bluetooth-triggered notifications from the Sensorberg Beacon Manager (Sensorberg Cloud) whenever you are in proximity of your beacon devices.
This makes the app an ideal showcase for the core technology itself, as well as particular feature demonstrations or site-specific beacon deployments!


Receive notifications:
All you need to do is enter your API Key to connect to your Sensorberg account. The app will then receive all previously configured notifications for your beacon devices whenever you enter their broadcast radius.

Beacon Scanner:
The app can scan and display available Sensorberg beacon devices in range ordered by distance.

Beacon Simulator:
Sensorberg Showcase can also turn your compatible Android device itself into a beacon. With this feature you are able to test an end-to-end discovery scenario with two ore more Android devices without having real beacon devices.

Check status:
You can check if your device has activated all necessary settings to receive notifications.

Please note:
Sensorberg Showcase requires Bluetooth 4.0-compatible Android devices. Don’t forget to enable Bluetooth in your devices’ preferences.

Download apk file for android:


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