Wadvogels – The 'wading birds' app fun and easy to recognize birds in the Wadden Sea area.


The ‘wading birds’ app fun and easy to recognize birds in the Wadden Sea area.

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The vogelherkennings app ‘wading birds’ RSPB Netherlands makes it fun and easy to recognize. Birds in the Wadden Sea Region The app includes a bird guide with 180 bird species in the Wadden Sea with beautiful illustrations by Elwin van der Kolk. For each bird is an effective description and you can listen to the sound of the bird. Particularly useful is the identification function that beginners can bring. Most bird species by name in four steps You will discover the huge bird richness of the Wadden Sea and you will learn all the waders, ducks and keep other species from each other and recognize.

With ‘wading birds’ you
– In 4 steps bring a bird in the Wadden Sea area with the name “Bird Finder.
– Search more than 180 species of birds, watch and listen.
– To zoom in on illustrations in detail.
– Search by name, type or attribute group.
– Instantly see where to find the best birding are.
– Be With the GPS function to the best birding in the Wadden Sea led.
– Find descriptions of the finest birding, birds what to see and what particular birds you may encounter.
– By pressing the ‘tidal button when the flood is the place where you are. This is useful to know because you are in most areas in the Wadden Sea Region more birds can see. At high

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/libraries-demo


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