Zodiaco – To know that I sign you


To know that I sign you

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Aries: The ram with which Frixio and Hele traveled, when they left their native country to reach Colchis. then was the golden fleece.

Taurus: There are two versions:
The Cretan Bull, a mythical beast that lived in that area.
The form taken by Zeus when he kidnapped Europe.

Gemini: The twins Castor and Pollux. Pollux was immortal, not his brother Castor. When Castor died, Pollux offered his immortality to save his brother.

Cancer: The crab that sent Hera help the Hydra of Lerna, when this fought against Hercules.

Leo: The Lion of Nemea, killed by Hercules, who strangled him, because his skin was impenetrable. The hero with his own claws flayed (all I could hurt him) and skin remained as its symbol.

Virgo: The myth is that of Astrea, daughter of Zeus and Themis. He helped his father as bearer of lightning during the war with the Titans. In reward for his loyalty, Zeus ascended to heaven and stood among the stars, giving rise to this constellation and end the human presence among the last of the Gilded Age immortal.

Libra: Myth attributed to Dice, the goddess of Justice, as well as ancient Roman representations illustrated Julius Caesar carrying scales as a symbol of his power and justice. Later the Roman ruler would be deleted and the figure of the balance is maintained.

Scorpio: Scorpio the goddess Artemis sent against the giant hunter Orion. Orion stepped on the scorpion and nailed the sting. Both died and Zeus put in front of each other, so that not in that fight.

Sagittarius: The centaur Chiron, medical doctors, tired of his immortal status, decided to change it for the salvation of Prometheus. When the deal was formalized, Prometheus asked “Why did you do that? Now you’re dead, much as you get tired, you can not be change …”

Capricorn: Representation of the Goat Amalthea, which suckled Zeus when his mother Rea hid from the sight of his father Cronos.

Aquarius: The young Ganymede, the cupbearer of the gods on Olympus. A young man of extreme beauty who got the love of god Zeus.

Pisces: When the gods fled the titan Typhon, many took animal forms. Ares and Aphrodite did in the form of fish and were caught by a fisherman. Other sources say that Cadmus and Harmonia were cursed those who were caught.

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