Pasta Recipes – Pasta Recipes containes exclusive pasta recipes for special occasions.

Pasta Recipes

Pasta Recipes containes exclusive pasta recipes for special occasions.

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Pasta Recipes containes exclusive pasta recipes for special occasions.
You will find in this app en excellent collection of hand picked pasta recipes for pasta lovers.

Impress your friends with amazing pasta recipes.

Pasta Recipes
Pasta is the staple food of traditional Italian cuisine. Here is a perfect app to guide those who want to have the exotic taste of a different kind of pasta recipes. This app is basically designed as a guide for cooking pasta in many different ways and can help any person to cook it. This app is designed for all kinds of users with pictures and all necessary details. Even here one can easily know the proper amount required for serving a given amount of people.

The dishes of pasta, which any individual can easily find are like, bigoli- these are thick tube made of whole wheat, Bucatini-a thick spaghetti like pasta with a hole in center, Chaplin- thinnest type of long pasta, fusili- long thick corkscrew shaped pasta which can be hollow or solid, piece-very thick hand rolled pasta, spaghetti- a long thick pasta from Italian origin, vermicelli- a traditional pasta that is round and thicker than spaghetti, ziti- long narrow hose like tube size. Then we also have a verity of ribbon cut pasta like Bavette-narrow version of tagliatlle, Fettuce, Lagane, lasagne-very wide pasta with fluted edges and many more which one can find there. Having such a nice app which not only helps in cooking different pasta recipes, but also helps in enhancing knowledge about different traditional dish and also helps in blending of cultures. So it’s not only app but something more doing good to its owner.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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