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The electronic version of the printed edition
Available on the site: knowledge.su/
Disclosed reduction
“Great Russian Encyclopedia” – a scientific reference and encyclopedic Publishing House, Moscow.

More texts are made to the site. and are all available.

Founded in 1925 as a joint-stock company “Soviet Encyclopedia”. Since 1930 State encyclopedic dictionary-publishing in the State Institute of 1935-49 (in 1944-49 National Research Institute) “Soviet Encyclopedia”, 1949 State Scientific Publishing House (until 1959 “Great Soviet Encyclopedia” up to 1963 “Soviet Encyclopedia”) Since 1963 the publishing house of the same name (available from reference-encyclopedic and linguistic background to the 1974 edition).

The current name since 1991.

It produces general and special encyclopedias, encyclopedic dictionaries in various fields of science, technology and culture, regional, biographical and other reference books. In 1926-91 it was published 635 volumes of publications with a circulation of approx. 88.5 million. Copies.

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