UniPIN – UniPin is an experimental building navigation system for the University of Paderborn.


UniPin is an experimental building navigation system for the University of Paderborn.

UniPIN screenshot 0UniPIN screenshot 1UniPIN screenshot 2UniPIN screenshot 3UniPIN screenshot 4UniPIN screenshot 5UniPIN screenshot 6UniPIN screenshot 7UniPIN screenshot 8UniPIN screenshot 9UniPIN screenshot 10UniPIN screenshot 11UniPIN screenshot 12UniPIN screenshot 13UniPIN screenshot 14

The application UniPin is an experimental software which was created to study and research purposes at the University of Paderborn. It is a non-commercial building navigation system of the University of Paderborn for mobile devices whose use is voluntary.

Can UniPin the map data of the entire university campus (25 buildings, 10 floors, about 4344 rooms) Show, calculate routes between areas or points and the position of the device by means of GPS (outside the building) or by means of wireless signals (inside buildings) appreciate.

It is optionally possible to display the own position friends, or to make the position of friends in the map data visible. The indication of the position of friends is only possible if explicitly
is activated by the respective participants. UniPIN does not store location data or routes of users.

Users can create learning groups and look for learning groups. It is also possible to play videos of UniWalk for route sections in a part of the university.

The accuracy of location estimation in buildings depends on a variety of factors. Here, among others, the number of receivable base stations, the quality of the walls and the smartphone itself to call. Thus, the accuracy of the position estimation within the buildings vary considerably!

The Department of Telecommunications (EIM-E / NT) of the University of Paderborn operates in buildings since 2010 research in the field navigation. In this time, the system UniPin arose. It consists of an Android software in the front end and a web server, including database backend. On it together with academic staff and many students have participated. The University of Paderborn has awarded the project in 2013 with one of the research awards of the University.

So if time position estimation is not quite as precise, or displaying on their smartphone displays an error message, please keep in mind that this is an experimental software!

See more information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/libraries-demo


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