AR CAD – MagicBook – Augmented Reality Magic Book for a CAD lecture book

AR CAD - MagicBook

Augmented Reality Magic Book for a CAD lecture book

AR CAD - MagicBook screenshot 0AR CAD - MagicBook screenshot 1AR CAD - MagicBook screenshot 2AR CAD - MagicBook screenshot 3AR CAD - MagicBook screenshot 4

Years of teaching and professional experience in the training of engineers, students and pupils in the country and abroad, but also in solving complex engineering tasks, led us to the design of auxiliary textbooks in a different way than usual. The main motivation for writing this practicum is need of students’ and other users of PLM systems to collect and publish in one place higher number of examples – collection of practical tasks for training and practicing various techniques of 3D modeling.
Practicum is heavily reliant on good practice methodology of volumetric 3D modeling presented in book (Devedžić Goran, Ćuković Saša, Petrović Suzana, Maksić Jelena: „3D MODELIRANJE PROIZVODA – Metodička zbirka zadataka”, Mašinski fakultet Kragujevac, CIRPIS Centar Kragujevac, 2009, ISBN 978-86-86663-45-0), as well as the theoretical basis presented in the textbook (Devedžić Goran: „CAD/CAM tehnologije”, Mašinski fakultet Kragujevac, CIRPIS Centar Kragujevac, ISBN 978-86-86663-40-5.
This practical book is designed for students of undergraduate and graduate studies in engineering who learn CAD/CAM technology, technical drawing and computer graphics, and is suitable for very different levels of knowledge. Innovative addition, interactive application to display 3D content in the AR environment this practical book makes special and very suitable for training of future engineers. Instructions for downloading, installing and using a mobile and desktop versions of the application is shown in the last chapter of the practicum.
We believe that the practicum, to some extent, can be used in training of a variety of PLM software, since it is dedicated to the basics of 3D volumetric modeling and CAM. Any suggestions, useful remarks and advices we are willing to accept in order to improve the methodology and content. Readers and users, please send them to the address of the Centre for Integrated Product and Process Development and Intelligent Systems (CIRPIS), Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Kragujevac ( or

Download apk file for android:


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