XcelApp – Android Native HTML5 – XcelApp! Bring native functions to your HTML5 app & sell it on the Play store!

XcelApp - Android Native HTML5

XcelApp! Bring native functions to your HTML5 app & sell it on the Play store!

XcelApp - Android Native HTML5 screenshot 0XcelApp - Android Native HTML5 screenshot 1XcelApp - Android Native HTML5 screenshot 2XcelApp - Android Native HTML5 screenshot 3XcelApp - Android Native HTML5 screenshot 4XcelApp - Android Native HTML5 screenshot 5

Are you frustrated about not being to sell your great HTML5 app on the Play store? If so, XcelApp is for you.

XcelApp builds a native application for you using our state of the art Android build engine. Fill in a few fields and you have an “APK” that you can upload to the Play store! And of course, your app can now contain the native functions that can make a huge difference in performance and user acceptance.

Choose to simply package your existing HTML5 mobile app natively, or, take advantage of XcelApp’s incredible hybrid technology to provide an amazing native experience for your users.

Want to use “In-App Billling” in your HTML5 app? With XcelApp, it’s only a few lines of code! AdMob too! And so much more.

Java, Eclipse, Android skills?

You don’t need any of these skills to take advantage of XcelApp’s native features. You invoke all native device function directly from JavaScript. Leverage your existing HTML5 and CSS3 skills to bring native functionality into your app!

From In-App billing and Admob monetization support to interacting with GPS, phone interfaces (even hang up the phone from JavaScript), to native dialog support such as date pickers, progress bars and so on, you already know what to do.

And.. enhance your application with superb debugging features only available to XcelApp users. XcelApp includes RecordMyAPP! that allows your users to make an interactive video (with audio) of your app. No more guessing what’s wrong. Your users can show you! (Great for early feedback on new apps as well.)

We also extend console.log to support logging to the SDCard and APIs to retrieve and send the log. Superb for debugging and problem resolution. All of which leads to a better customer service experience for your users.

See more information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/libraries-demo


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