Multi-core CPU Raytracing – It's demonstration app for CPU Multi-core Processor.

Multi-core CPU Raytracing

It’s demonstration app for CPU Multi-core Processor.

Multi-core CPU Raytracing screenshot 0Multi-core CPU Raytracing screenshot 1Multi-core CPU Raytracing screenshot 2

MP2Mark is the demonstration software for CPU Multi-core Processors which uses Ray-Tracing Drawing Technology. It is able to ray trace in high speed by the software design that is optimized by two or more threads, a cash hit, and SIMD. You can use it in order to have the excellence of Multi-core, and the speed of highly efficient CPU in a shop front, an events, etc. Also, this software can operate with the Cross Platform technology of Wizapply on various platforms.

:: Feature 1 – Ray Tracing Drawing ::
Although it is generally used by 3D computer graphics (3DCG) as a rendering of a still images or an animations, it is observed as one of the Technical Trends of a Real Time rendering by highly efficient-ization of CPU in the latest days. Although it was said that it took several hours to draw one screen, we challenged in real-time drawing.

:: Feature 2 – A setup of Drawing is possible ::
You can setup a pixel numbers and the number of threads (the number of cores) to be used in drawing. It has become the specification for demonstrations.

This can place a load on the CPU. You may feel slow indeed in the Android OS.
We also exhibit the versions of other OS.
Downloads :

+ Mobile GPU demonstration [GP2Mark]
Search “GP2Mark” in the Google Play!

We sell the “manual” and “MP2Mark C source code”. If you are interested in is not please contact us.

If there is a request, we will receive improvement, etc.

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Download apk file for android:


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