TK-FBP017BK/018専用キーボードソフト(2.x) – TK-FBP017BK018 dedicated keyboard software (2.x)


TK-FBP017BK018 dedicated keyboard software (2.x)

TK-FBP017BK/018専用キーボードソフト(2.x) screenshot 0TK-FBP017BK/018専用キーボードソフト(2.x) screenshot 1

Olympus keyboard TK-FBP017BK, is TK-FBP018 series dedicated software.
Character input using the keyboard on your smartphone (Android 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3) by installing a dictionary software that corresponds to this software together
You will be able to.

The customers you are using a TK-FBP017BK:
A combination of “dictionary software for Bluetooth Keyboard”
  Please use.
TK-FBP018 series your and our customers:
A combination of “ELECOM Japanese Input powered by ATOK”
  It is recommended that you’ll use it.

Ver.1.1.3 Changes
I was corresponding to the “ELECOM Japanese Input powered by ATOK”.
(Errand for customers the TK-FBP018 series)

See more information and download apk file for android:


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