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The app is You2You the pocket smile. The delivery of your daily shopping in 1 click. Open your app, tell us or pick up your order, follow your live delivery and get it delivered in less than an hour or by appointment.

You2You functionality lets you to:
Order express delivery or by appointment
Follow your live packages
Contact your youzer (delivery man for a moment)
Rate your experience

The You2You algorithm based on artificial intelligence, allows our delivery of community to be notified of deliveries to realize who are on their journeys, thus making ecological delivery by pooling trips already planned.

You2You available in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse and soon throughout France

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GPS Parallelfahrhilfe – A simple parallel driving aid for the small farm. Semipro field guidance.

GPS Parallelfahrhilfe

A simple parallel driving aid for the small farm. Semipro field guidance.

GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 0GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 1GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 2GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 3GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 4GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 5GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 6GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 7GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 8GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 9GPS Parallelfahrhilfe screenshot 10

Please open and read the full description…

A simple parallel driving aid for the small farm, with AB-line, simple contour line and recording the already worn surface.

The app is free for the liberated Ukraine!

Attention: This is a demo, the demo has a running time limit and terminates after the expiration of itself. Please test the demo extensively before buying! If you have problems please use the external Bluetooth app to connect the GPS receiver:

Userforum for Android version from here:
configure external GPS receiver:
DIY receiver 1, uBlox N7M:
DIY receiver 2, uBlox M8T:
Ideas for external steering motor drive:
first experiments with RTKlib:

Please use the app only with external GPS receiver, e.g. this:

if there is not a option “Developer options / mock locations”, then do the following:

1. go to the menu item “Settings / About phone”
2. Click repeatedly on “Build number” until a message appears
3. Now you have a new menu item “Settings / Developer Options”
4. Here you can then “Allow mock locations” to enable (or also “Simulated locations”)

There are various options (press the menu button on the device to browse), a small guide can be found under “About …”.

For Tablet and Smartphone.

Questions, comments, suggestions, please contact via email:

Recently integrated:
– Added simple partial widths view (beta)
– Dutch added (thanks to Thomas)
– French added (thanks to Francis)
– Some bugs fixed (arrows, kml, …)
– Text can be saved as a kml (press enter)
– Worked route is saved as a kml file
– Size of text and direction arrows can be adjusted
– 3D display works now correct
– App now runs as service in the background (home button)
– Settings changed (press “?” for help)
– Added simple contour line
– Directional arrows to the line are shown in color
– Current driving line is displayed in red
– PayPal button added
– Touch-and-zoom has been revised
– Map will now always rotates forward
– Northstar and GPS Simulation added
– Areal recording revised (but still not perfect)
– Direct integration of external Bluetooth GPS receiver
– English added (google english)

You need a different language? Then write me and help me.

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경민대학교 도서관 – Kyungmin the University Library Android app.

경민대학교 도서관

Kyungmin the University Library Android app.

경민대학교 도서관 screenshot 0경민대학교 도서관 screenshot 1경민대학교 도서관 screenshot 2

Kyungmin University Library is to provide services through the mobile.

App (App) You can use the information available through the same, integrated search, loan inquiries and hope Books application, booking all services provided by the library.

Kyungmin University Library mobile app, Apple IOS, any device available through the smartphone Android environment, and will provide the best service.

When you receive the best service available anywhere in the mobile library service, not only fast and convenient.

Download apk file for android:

인하대학교 정석학술정보관 시설예약 시스템 – Inha University Academic Information Center crystallization is a program that provides accommodation reservation service.

인하대학교 정석학술정보관 시설예약 시스템

Inha University Academic Information Center crystallization is a program that provides accommodation reservation service.

인하대학교 정석학술정보관 시설예약 시스템 screenshot 0인하대학교 정석학술정보관 시설예약 시스템 screenshot 1인하대학교 정석학술정보관 시설예약 시스템 screenshot 2인하대학교 정석학술정보관 시설예약 시스템 screenshot 3인하대학교 정석학술정보관 시설예약 시스템 screenshot 4인하대학교 정석학술정보관 시설예약 시스템 screenshot 5

1. General Reading Room ticketing
– Booking of general reading room and on-site ticketing and utilizing beacon using updated, providing the functionality of the complete utilization.
2. accommodation reservation
– The general reading rooms, group study rooms, electronic information center, multimedia center can be booked through the app.
3. Mobile yeolramjeung
– There are yeolramjeung ability to access and ticketing available at the Information Center is installed in the app.
4. Provide various notifications required by the general reading room drive.

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Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif – Marshmallow-Sharif Quran

Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif

Marshmallow-Sharif Quran

Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif screenshot 0Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif screenshot 1Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif screenshot 2Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif screenshot 3Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif screenshot 4Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif screenshot 5Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif screenshot 6Kuranı Kerim Hatm-i Şerif screenshot 7

Our holy book Koran OK Monitored
Turkish subtitles Online is an android application for those who want to Hatim


It is marked as read and integral part of the removal of a read.
ordered or unordered reading feature of -Cüz.
-The ability to continue where I left Juz to mark putting remain.
-Video Files to the SD card to download feature.

– Free
100% free to learn the application, to repeat, to Hatim
and is a great way for people to donate to or the person you want.

Permit access to the Internet ads and is used to download files.

Detail information and download apk file:

Grial UIKit – Build superb Xamarin.Forms apps in a fraction of time!

Grial UIKit

Build superb Xamarin.Forms apps in a fraction of time!

Grial UIKit screenshot 0Grial UIKit screenshot 1Grial UIKit screenshot 2Grial UIKit screenshot 3Grial UIKit screenshot 4

Grial UI Kit provides everything you need to build a good looking Xamarin Forms app. Built under MVVM design pattern, Grial ensures a clean separation between application logic and a carefully designed UI.

Don’t waste precious time compiling just to see small visual changes, we have made all the hard work for you carefully designing more than 30 screens in XAML

Key Features:
– Fully Customizable. Change colors, fonts sizes, take our ready made templates and build something new. Styles have been carefully separated from layout code. Grial has tons of UI examples for you.
– Special care for details. It’s hard to find well designed UI templates. Not anymore :). Grial has been designed with special care for details. We focused on what we do best. So you can focus on what you do best.
– Plenty of snippets. Take whatever you need and use it, as simple as that. Do you need some well designed snippets? We’ve already done this for you. Take whatever you need, build something new.

Download apk file for your android phone:

Paranoia: Protection from spy – Block microphone, camera, WI-FI, Mobile data (root only), detect spy SMS, GPS.

Paranoia: Protection from spy

Block microphone, camera, WI-FI, Mobile data (root only), detect spy SMS, GPS.

Paranoia: Protection from spy screenshot 0Paranoia: Protection from spy screenshot 1Paranoia: Protection from spy screenshot 2Paranoia: Protection from spy screenshot 3Paranoia: Protection from spy screenshot 4Paranoia: Protection from spy screenshot 5Paranoia: Protection from spy screenshot 6

The Paranoia: Protection from spy for Android – reliable solution for protecting sensitive data from the hidden and unauthorized access to Your smartphone.

Some antivirus software considers the behavior of the program as a Trojan. The program locks the microphone and the camera, analyzes the outgoing SMS traffic. Our application does not require a network connection or any other outgoing chanels, how can it be trojan?! This is NOT a trojan!

► Protection from the sound recording
Lock your device microphone to prevent online-broadcast or record your conversations.

Mode recommended for use on sensitive meetings, negotiations, etc….

► Monitoring unauthorized access to the microphone
Real-time intrusion detection mode for hidden recording.

Recommended for continuous use. It features extremely low power consumption!

► Protection from the cameras using
The locking of device’s cameras prevents the use of them to obtain the hidden videos and photos.

► Protection from the SMS spies
Paranoia will alert you to any outgoing SMS messages, even if You don’t see them in the list of messages.

► Protection from the unauthorized WI-FI access
Paranoia disable wifi if it will be involved in some application. WI-FI can be activated automatically if you disable protection.

► Protection from the unauthorized mobile data access (only on rooted devices)
Paranoia disable mobile data if it will be involved in some application.

► Warning about unauthorized use of a GPS connection for determining the coordinates of the device

► Select the modules to be switched by default

► The Event log

In addition, you can easily use your favorite applications for communication (Viber, WhatsUP, Instagramm, etc.) without disconnecting the Paranoia protection; we have provided an option to add these applications to the “White list”. When you run applications from the “White list”, protection will be paused automatically and restarted after suspension or closure.

On some phones, the “Start” camera module faster than the time to unlock. In this case, we recommend that you first disable the protection, and then use the camera.

To remove an application, for some phones, you must first remove the Paranoia from the list of system administrators: go to SETTINGS – Location and Security – Device Administrator and deselect the paranoia.
Now uninstall the application.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: